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Small Business Retirement Plans

Retirement Solutions for NJ Small Businesses and Self-Employed

Small business owners and self-employed individuals need to plan for retirement as well. Recognizing this fact, Congress has authorized a wealth of tax advantaged retirement plan options for small business owners and their employees. While the many alternatives seem confusing at first, some of these plans are remarkably simple and inexpensive to establish and administer.

Frontier can help you make sense of all the options. We can help you select, implement, and administer the best plan for your firm. We will even help work with your payroll company to setup deductions. If you have employees, we will help educate them about the plan. We will even be available to help them make investment decisions.

The upfront and ongoing cost for setting up and administering many of these plans is minimal. What cost there is may be largely offset with federal tax credits encouraging the formation of new plans.

Having a retirement plan is every bit as important for the small business owner as for the corporate employee. Don't put your retirement security at risk, act today! For more information click on Retirement Plans for Small Business or contact us today for a free consultation.

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