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Thomas and Joan* had been happily married for more than 40 years. They had one daughter, Laura*, who has been a high school science teacher for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, Tom fell ill recently and passed away unexpectedly. Joan is lucky that Laura lives close, and they were able to support each other during a difficult time.

Tom had a life insurance policy and a substantial pension, so Joan was left in a comfortable situation. The challenge, however, was Tom had taken care of their finances, and Joan was at a loss of how to best invest for her financial future. Joan is still a fairly young woman in good health, and she wanted to be sure her own future was secure.

Watching her mother struggle with making decisions about her financial future made Laura realize that she needed to develop a plan for her own future. She was in a different stage of her life, of course, but she still needed a plan. Together they hired Frontier Financial Planning to best meet each of their needs.

Frontier began with a goal planning session with each of the women focusing on the six areas of financial planning to assist Joan and Laura in their path to planning and achieving their dreams.

1 – Income allocation
2 – Risk management
3 – Investing for wealth accumulation
4 – Tax planning
5 – Retirement planning
6 – Estate planning

  • Reduced taxes by helping them properly utilize their available tax qualified plans through their employers.
  • Created and implemented a systematic savings program to help with discipline and putting money to work in a more efficient manner.
  • Covered exposure regarding their risk management areas.
  • Created and implemented an overall investment strategy. 
  • Created and implemented a retirement income planning strategy (RIP) for retirement. Determined exactly where Joan’s income will come from during retirement.  Part of this helped her understand what level of income is sustainable for 30+ years.
  • Collaborated with an estate planning attorney to design an effective estate plan.
Client Centered

The feeling of empowerment felt by both Joan and Laura as they were developing each of their financial plans helped with their grieving process. They both felt they were taking control and planning for their future, and there are smart money moves to make at each decade of their lives. It is never too early or too late to begin financial planning.

Let’s talk about your future, and how you can strengthen your financial independence. 

*Please note that the characters portrayed are a fictitious couple for illustrative purposes only.

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