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Investment Advice You can Rely On

Investment Advice You can Rely On

The media is full of investment advice. A self-proclaimed insane person screams out stock tips on cable TV. Relatives tell you about the next thing in investment. Your neighbor extols the virtues of real estate, while others swear by index funds or exchange traded funds. Mutual fund companies and investment firms urge you to trust them to invest your hard earned money. Insurance companies sell life insurance and annuities as their preferred investment strategy.

Frontier cuts through all the noise and hype. Our investment plans and strategies are based on proven investment fundamentals, not the latest investment fad. We offer investment plans which are:

  • Customized based on your goals and situation
  • Designed to meet your goals while minimizing investment risk
  • Based on independent advice, not proprietary corporate self-interest
  • Created in house by your own experienced advisor
  • Based on proven asset allocation strategies, not the latest market fad
  • Designed to keep expenses low, typically using no-load or load-waived mutual funds
  • Monitored and rebalanced on a regular basis to keep the plan on track

Consolidate and Simplify your Life!!! After many job changes, individuals often find themselves with many 401k or IRA accounts held by numerous ex-employers and brokerage firms. Scant attention is often paid to these orphaned funds. We believe all your hard-earned money should be monitored and managed. Bring your statements to us, we can rollover and consolidate all your old accounts into a single retirement plan, based on a sound investment strategy.

401k Management. We can review your 401k investment options and build an investment strategy for use within that plan. We can even implement, manage, and monitor, and rebalance your 401k investments for you for a small monthly fee. Whether you are new to investing, or an experienced investor looking to review and update your strategy, let Frontier help you reach your financial destination. Call or contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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