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The Story of Our Philosophy

"Go West, young man, and grow up with the country."
John B. L. Soule

Our expansion westward was an exciting time in history. There was opportunity and adventure to be had for the young, unattached men of the time. There was also a great need for able-bodied young men to help this young country forge a path through the wilderness of the untamed West. So, in great numbers they went west to build another pillar in the foundation upon which our great nation now stands.

When people set out into the Frontier, eventually they came to the Rocky Mountains. Many died crossing the Rockies due to poor planning and preparation. Those who were able to make the trip were extremely tough; but even more importantly they had a plan. This plan included an excellent route, needed supplies, and preparation for the unexpected. Those who failed to plan had to either turn back or face death in the Rockies.

At Frontier Financial Planning we believe that navigating today’s complex financial frontier is similar in many ways. Today more and more people have to take responsibility for their financial obligations. Retirement, risk management (insurance), education planning, investments, taxes, budgeting, and estate planning are issues we have to take care of on our own or they will never be addressed.

To help our clients achieve financial independence and reduce financial stress through client-centered advice and prudent, disciplined investment management based on the highest ethical standards.

Cash Flow Management

Your household is like a small business. You need to understand where your money is going and whether you are allocating your hard-earned resources properly. Are you saving enough?

Risk Management

What do you need and want to protect? What would happen to your family if you or your spouse were to die or become disabled? At Frontier, we look at what you need and want to protect and develop a risk management strategy. We realize no one can shield themselves from all the vagaries of life; but with a Risk Management strategy in place, you do safeguard yourself against the financial impact of potential catastrophes.

Investment Planning

When the pioneers crossed the Rockies, they did not embark on this journey during the winter months, or start the trek when weather conditions were good, only to have the situation deteriorate en route. A sound investment strategy begins with the end in mind. How hard does your money need to work for you to achieve your goals? Once you know how hard your money needs to work, then you can decide on an investment strategy. Your risk tolerance, how much you are saving, and how much time you have are all important things to consider when designing an investment strategy.

Tax Planning

In tax planning one looks ahead to the coming year to see how taxes can be reduced.

Retirement Planning

If you succeeded in heading west, you may have achieved great wealth. Those who achieved great wealth did so with hard work and careful planning. At Frontier we believe that achieving financial independence is not a coincidence. Those who achieve financial independence have to do the little things along the way. Saving enough, investing properly, and living on less than 100% of their incomes are essential steps. Each day, week, month, year they move closer and closer to their goal and then one day they arrive. They suddenly have a spring in their step, knowing that they have the freedom to choose when to tell their boss to “take this job and stick it.” Financial independence is about choices: things change, and having options when change occurs, can mean the difference between happiness and misery.

Estate Planning

When you leave this earth what are your wishes? Family, charities, and children are all important factors to consider. A good estate plan addresses your wishes and lastly minimizes taxes.

The Frontier was a lonely and dangerous place that could lead to death or a wonderful new beginning. Reaching retirement can be the best part of your life or you can forever regret the opportunities missed. We think that you owe it to yourself to look forward to having a wonderful future, and planning can make all the difference in the world.

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Peter J Passalacqua, CFP

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Our Process

Our Process

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Our History

Our History

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